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Western Artists

Lynda Baxter - Marketing Canadian Artists
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Welcome to our Gallery section that focuses totally on WESTERN ART!

From paintings, to bronzes...from realism to cartoon...we welcome all western artists to explore the benifits of having a homepage on www.canadiancuttinghorses.com to promote their artwork.

We will be targeting the 'Western' world through Internet Marketing...and just as I have done with www.artincanada.com, my intention is to market the western artists with just as much dedication and enthusiasm.

I want to give artists a break, especially with the traditional gallery commissions they pay.. and provide them with an opportunity to showcase their work on a site that would gain them recognition, and be cost effective at the same time. I also wanted to offer my knowledge to them, I know so many that have websites...because that's the thing to do now adays...but once they have them, they don't know what to do with them....aside from traditional marketing, putting the address on their printed materials, they really don't know how to get a lot of traffic to their sites via the search engines..so...my goal is to help them out with that, and educate them about Internet Marketing and the importance of it at the same time.

I use www.artincanada.com as an umbrella so to speak. My site is very well marketed and currently receives up to 65,000 unique vistors per month. My goal is use it to drive my traffic to the artists own website. To do this I have created a gallery section where I display a homepage for each artist...I link the artists personal website on all the pages off their homepage so visitors can easily leave my site to go check out more of the artists work.. The whole point of www.artincanada.com is to drive targeted traffic to your own website. To date it has gone very well...I've had excellent feedback from many artists saying their traffic has gone up, several artists have had great leads, sales, as well as galleries contacting them. I will be marketing western artists in this same way by using www.canadiancuttinghorses.com.

Each homepage consists of the artists bio (can be any length), picture, and usually 5 images. Each image is clickable to enlarge showing the works details, price, size, medium, comments etc. Each piece has an order form that goes directly to the artists email. I take no commission for any work sold, and will replace the sold image at $10.00 per image. I do all the marketing on each of the artists pages, and to date it has gone very well.

I charge a one time fee of $500.00 plus gst for the homepage. There is no yearly fees, and I do the marketing on an ongoing basis at no extra charge. I really want to offer my experience and have their sites do for them what they want them to do. Of course, sales are important, but to me..the best reason for an artist to have an internet presence is for exposure...and what a great thing to have an online portfolio to reach people and galleries in all parts of the world that traditionally they would not be able to reach!

Original Artwork by Val Moker - Canadian Artist I have developed the personal websites and do the monthly marketing and maintenance for the following artists personal websites.

Please visit our website websitesonline.ca to view our portfolio.

Artincanada.com AND Canadiancuttinghorses.com has made it possible for you to get noticed now!



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