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Val Moker

 - By Canadian Western Artist Val Moker

Title: Tuesday Cowboy
Item #: 002
Medium: Acrylic
Image Size: 30 x 40
To Be Sold As A Series

DESCRIPTION: "Forget that dammed-fool rodeo game," You’ve heard Aunt Becky say.
"You’ll end all broke up, like your fool-uncle Buck Limping ‘round and drawing short pay." . . .

From the 'Series of Seven'.
"One For Each Day of the Week"

Artist VAL MOKER and poet JESSE COLT have joined forces! It is with great respect and admiration that they proudly present, SHORT POEMS ~ TALL COWBOYS, their tribute to the man who is true to himself, "The Cowboy". This self-published, limited series coffee table book will be available in March of 2004 and will be a tangible representation of the essence of the cowboy.
SHORT POEMS ~ TALL COWBOYS will be limited to 3,500 copies (signed and numbered) and will contain the seven fine art reproductions from my “One for Each Day of the Week” series, with each image accompanied by a stand of poetry by renowned Cowboy Poet, Jesse Colt.

Val Moker
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Phone / Fax: (306)584-5835
E-mail: art@valmoker.com  Website:www.valmoker.com

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