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After completing this epic, something seemed to be missing. I believe there is no such thing as a chance meeting, so it was not fortuitous that I met Cowboy Poet, Jesse Colt. After reading his “Cowboy Self Taught”, I knew that together, we could pay true homage to the cowboy lifestyle by complementing my series with Jesse’s cowboy poetry. The cowboy traditions, values and way of life have always appealed to Jesse just as they have charmed me. So together, it is with great respect and admiration that we proudly present, SHORT POEMS ~ TALL COWBOYS, our tribute to the man who is true to himself, "The Cowboy". This self-published, limited series coffee table book will be available in March of 2004 and will be a tangible representation of the essence of the cowboy.

SHORT POEMS ~ TALL COWBOYS will be limited to 3,500 copies (signed and numbered) and will contain the seven fine art reproductions from my “One for Each Day of the Week” series, with each image accompanied by a stand of poetry by renowned Cowboy Poet, Jesse Colt. This unique tribute will be sought by collectors and would be an excellent gift for your customers or could compliment your employee recognition programs.

SHORT POEMS ~ TALL COWBOYS will carry an introductory price of $100 per book. We feel that the value in this matchless art piece far exceeds the outlay. If you are interested in our unique creation, you can reserve your copy(s) by contacting me at 306.584.5835 or by e-mailing me at art@valmoker.com. As additional information, I attach our biographies and I thank you for your kind consideration.


Val Moker

Well, how you doing Little Pard?
With your fresh face all aglow.
So you dream to be a Cowboy.
Bet you can’t spell Rodeo . . .

. . . Some day that face will grace a stamp
If true justice doth prevail.
For we have found our land of milk and honey
But it was him what cut our trail.

Monday Cowboy
Monday Cowboy - By Canadian Western Artist Val Moker

Tuesday Cowboy
Tuesday Cowboy - By Canadian Western Artist Val Moker

Wednesday Cowboy
Wednesday Cowboy - By Canadian Western Artist Val Moker

Thursday Cowboy
Thursday Cowboy - By Canadian Western Artist Val Moker

Friday Cowboy
Friday Cowboy - By Canadian Western Artist Val Moker

Saturday Cowboy
Saturday Cowboy - By Canadian Western Artist Val Moker

Sunday Cowboy
Sunday Cowboy - By Canadian Western Artist Val Moker

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The LORD is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for
those who trust in him.

Nahum 1:7
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