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Lou Marchant

The Sentinel - By Western Artist Lou Marchant
Western Artist Lou Marchant


Born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and, as it seems with all artists, I have been drawing since I was a small child. Throughout my school years I was called upon to draw pictures for either my classroom or the auditorium for special events.

Though living in the heart of the city, we lived across the street from people who owned a barn filled with horses and ponies. They also had a corral, where as a child of six or so, I was permitted to ride one of the gentle ponies. At this time, I had no fear of horses, but while riding this little pony around the corral, the cinch broke on the saddle and I wound up upside down under the pony's belly. I honestly don't remember what happened - I survived quite well, but was quite unnerved. This same family eventually sold this property and moved behind us, taking only the ponies with them. Again, I was given the opportunity to ride the gentle mare, but by this time I was fearful (although I did ride her around the block). At a later date, I went on a trail ride (riding a full-grown horse); I was not terribly comfortable on him - so I assume he sensed this, which is why he didn't respond to my instructions, became very stubborn leaving me, of course, even more frightened!

In spite of the above, I have not only a fascination for horses, but I find them to be one of our earth's most beautiful creations.

Having lived on the prairies and been friends with local Natives, and having grown up with "cowboy and Indian movies", I really enjoy trying to capture them in my paintings.

In addition to painting western art, I also enjoy painting old barns and farmhouses.

I moved from Saskatchewan to British Columbia, and it was not until 1978 that I had made any attempt to become professional. In this year I had a one-man show at Place des Arts in Coquitlam. In 1979 my works were displayed together with those of a group of artists calling themselves "Canadian Artists". They toured the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. I have had paintings commissioned and purchased by several galleries in British Columbia and Alberta. Previous to returning to Saskatoon in 1981, Knox Picture Galleries in Vancouver were agents for my works.

In Saskatoon I had works on display in two galleries; one of whom acted as agent for me. They both sold and commissioned my paintings (one hangs in the CN Towers).

I have resided in Calgary since 1985, where I have had my art displayed in several local galleries and Anthony's Art Gallery acted as agent for me.

Some of my art was shown at the Calgary Stampede's Western Art Gallery. It was suggested I open a booth, but my situation did not lend itself to doing so, what with having to be there all day.

I have had a painting displayed on the cover of Alberta Ranch Magazine and one in the American Artist Book Club bulletin.

I work in most media (pastel. oil, watercolour, pencil, pencil crayons, and pen and ink). My subject matter is as diversified as is my media. Fortunately (or unfortunately), I enjoy painting practically everything. I do not paint to make a statement, only for the love of it - just trying to capture what I feel is beautiful!

Ol' Pete - By Western Artist Lou Marchant
Souix with Peacepipe - By Western Artist Lou Marchant
Village Smithy - By Western Artist Lou Marchant
Three Eagles (Nez Perce) - By Western Artist Lou Marchant
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Lou Marchant
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

E-mail: ibultelusnet@msn.com

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