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Hoffman's Horse Minerals - Testimonials

Hoffman's Horse Minerals - Testimonials

"I had obtained some of your minerals from a friend of mine, following a tie-up experience on a young mare I was riding. We have used the minerals since that time and have never experienced another tie-up. After using the minerals for three months, everyone in the stable was marvelling at her awesome hair sheen. My daughter has been hoarding the last of our supply for her own show horse ..... and we would like to order more."
Author: Gwen, Saskatchewan

met you both last year at the Ranch and Country Show in Kamloops. I was telling you about my 22 year old navicular gelding, and you mentioned that your product would be beneficial in lengthening his stride and generally make him better. Well you were absolutely right. Starting on the second bag, I noticed a huge improvement! He not only lengthened his stride, but he's a lot free-er in all his movements. Our neighbors who borrow our horses a lot for their school of massage therapy can't believe the difference in him. They have seen him at his worst. There were some days I didn't think he could make it across the street to their place. The minerals are truly amazing. I have since been telling all my equine acquaintances about your phenomenal product. I'm so glad I had a chance to meet you and find out about your minerals so my gelding could start enjoying life again!

Author: Elisabeth, Kamloops

Got the samples! They are great, horses are gobbling it up! If the rate is going to keep up, I am defintaly buying my own bucket of the minerals! I saw a horse down the road from me using it. She looks gorgeous! Her coat is all shiney, the farrier also said her feet are great!! Good job! and lovin that mineral!

Author: Save A Life Farms, Ontario

I have been giving my mare "Hoffman's" since April of this year. She is now 5 1/2 months pregnant. My question is, when do I start introducing "Hoffman's" to the foal? And how much do I give? I have found wonderful results with using "Hoffman's" minerals. My paint mare's coat has always faded during the summer months, also the pigment around her eyes and nostrils have severely sun burned in the past. Using your product has eliminated any fading as well as sun burned skin. Your product is amazing! I would recommend this to anyone that has a horse.

Author: Christina, British Columbia

Check out Hoffman's Horse Mineral website for more information! www.northernhorse.com/hoffman

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Lorne & Marian Hoffman
RR# 2, Nanton, AB, T0L 1R0

Phone: (403) 646-6284
Email: mlhofman@platinum.ca  Website: www.hoffmanshorseminerals.com

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