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Hoffman's Horse Minerals - About Us

Hoffman's Horse Minerals
How it all began

As many people in the horse business know, we were in the breeding and showing business for many years. For many of those years, we searched for horse minerals that really worked, that horses would eat and were affordable for the average horse owner.
Several years ago, we were fortunate to find some extremely qualified people to assist us in putting together our own minerals. When we put these minerals together, we didn’t intend to market them commercially; they were just to be fed to horses at our place. As our customers came to pick up their mares, they were pleased with the excellent condition of their horses. When we explained that it was because of the minerals we used, our customers wanted the same product to use at home.
Here are a few things that we and our customers have noted after feeding our respective horses Hoffman’s Horse Minerals.
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Check out Hoffman's Horse Mineral website for more information! www.northernhorse.com/hoffman

Hoffman's Horse Minerals
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Lorne & Marian Hoffman
RR# 2, Nanton, AB, T0L 1R0

Phone: (403) 646-6284
Email: mlhofman@platinum.ca  Website: www.hoffmanshorseminerals.com

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