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Canadian Western Artist Doug Levitt

Doug Levitt
Canadian Western Artist Doug Levitt


Doug was born in 1964 and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His art career began early when he illustrated a children's book at the age of 14. He was accepted at the Alberta College of Art after graduation from high school, but a scholarship for acting drew him to the theatre. He went on to become one of the founding members of the Rosebud Dinner Theatre and School of Arts. He acted, directed and taught at Rosebud for 11 years. During that time, Doug starred in two pilot television shows and numerous film and television spots. His art was never far from his mind, however, and he continued this expression through poster and set design and illustration.

Doug's departure from Rosebud opened the doors to new artistic opportunities. In 1998, he was commissioned to do a portrait of hockey legend Guy LaFleur, and the series of graphite drawings that ensued are now displayed in venues throughout North America. As well, Doug expanded his artistic endeavors into the field of graphic design, and in 2001 he was recognized by Alberta New Media for his award-winning web design.

Fight for Freedom - By Canadian Western Artist Doug Levitt Since 2001, Doug has devoted himself full-time to fine art, oil paintings and graphite drawings being his preferred mediums. His historical works seek to preserve moments from the native North American Indian way of life and to explore themes of the West. These graphite drawings and oil paintings reflect Doug's passion for authentic detail as well as drama and texture. Doug's contemporary works, comprising mainly portraiture in oils, are compelling human studies characterized by skillful evocation of light and shadow, texture and detail.

Doug's works were accepted for a four day salon exhibition at the Calgary Stampede Western Showcase in 2003, and three of his oils were accepted into the Stampede Showcase Auctions, two in the Main Auction, and one in the Silent Auction. His paintings are gaining wide attention for an artist still young in his career. Top collectors have bought his works and his paintings are in collections as far away as Australia. He has received invitations to attend several prominent exhibitions in Canada and the United States in 2004.

Look for more information and updates to Doug's schedule here and on his website: www.douglevitt.net.
You can also contact Doug directly through email.

Grace - By Canadian Western Artist Doug Levitt
Grandfather - By Canadian Western Artist Doug Levitt
Invoking A Blessing - By Canadian Western Artist Doug Levitt
Quanah Parker - By Canadian Western Artist Doug Levitt
The Buffalo Longing - By Canadian Western Artist Doug Levitt
The Vision - By Canadian Western Artist Doug Levitt
First Encounter - By Canadian Western Artist Doug Levitt
His Land - By Canadian Western Artist Doug Levitt
Caught - By Canadian Western Artist Doug Levitt
A Storm is Coming - By Canadian Western Artist Doug Levitt
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Doug Levitt Studios
1906 12th Street S.W.
Calgary, Alberta
Canada, T2T 3N2
Phone: (403) 802-6902
E-mail: thepainter@douglevitt.net  Website: www.douglevitt.net

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