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Canadian Artist Diane M. Anderson

Diane M. Anderson
Canadian Artist Diane M. Anderson


Diane is proud to be a "REAL" Albertan, born in Calgary. An early interest in drawing and then sculpture has culminated in a very successful career in both mediums. Diane has been creating art since she was a child. " I cannot imagine ever doing anything else. It is a gift that has been given to me to do something with and it would be wrong to neglect it." I love what I do. I am privileged to be able to do it every day. I have so many ideas that I hope to get done. I can get ideas from anything. Just on a day to day basis, dealing with every day things, ideas pop up. If you look below the surface there is such a lot happening in this old world that is wonderful and should be frozen for everyone to see and appreciate."

"As I have had no formal schooling I rely on my surroundings to teach me. I have learned the "techniques" and the process from other artists and then personalized it to my way of working. I also have attended a lot of art shows and learn something from every one. I never quite learning. I figure if I ever get to the point where I know it all then I will be finished as an artist because then there will no longer be a creative process going on."

"One of my passions is animals. They never question, they only accept the way things are. If you really look, there are things that are being said without words. This is why I feel so privileged to be surrounded each day by animals of all kinds. I have my ever faithful dog Jazz, that watches over my studio patrol rabbit Peaches, who is constantly putting the boots to the numerous cats who get in his way. All in all my studio time is never dull."

Threes a Crowd - By Canadian Bronze Artist Diane M. Anderson Diane also has numerous students that she enjoys. "Teaching the kids is just another way to learn. They play off each other and we all learn. I love seeing through the eyes of the kids. Like the animals they often see what is really there and have great ideas."

Diane's sculptures can be found in collections the world over. The very limited editions, make her sculptures sought after by private and corporate collectors alike.

The studio is always open for visitors. "I often have several pieces on the go at the same time. So a visitor can see different stages in progress."

"The creative process is such a wonderful thing for me. I learn with every piece so there is always something new for the next one."

Diane is known for her ability to capture images in bronze, that people from many walks of life can relate to. Whether is be a seniors couple on a swing, a tiny calf experiencing the wonders of being alive or a powerful eagle gracing the skies with its majestic control of the air, Dianes pieces evoke emotions. She believes that in order to relate to something you must first make an emotional connection with it. There are many emotions so their can be many reactions to any given bronze. "That is why it is so much fun to watch people "experiencing" each sculpture when I am at a show." It may be that just looking at a sculpture triggers a memory of days gone by for one and the same sculpture evokes sympathy in the next person. "The best for me as the artist however is when someone says I remember when…..or That's just how Dad did it……….or That reminds me of a horse I used to have. I just know that this person is going through their memory bank and experiencing something or someone that was special."

Diane attends several art shows every year and has received awards for her work. The one she treasures most is the Artists Choice award for best sculpture at the Calgary Stampede. Being voted that award by her piers she says is the best she could ever hope for.

To view more of Diane M. Anderson's incredible sculptures, please go to her website. You can also contact Diane directly through email

Opening the Rockies - By Canadian Artist Diane M. Anderson
Sheer Elegance
The Itching Post
Vim and Vigor
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Diane M. Anderson Tymarc Studio
P.O. Box 44
Cremona, Alberta
Canada, T0M 0R0
Phone: (403) 637-2274     Fax: (403) 637-2274
E-mail: tymarc@xplornet.com  Website: www.dianeandersontymarc.com

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