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Darryl Willison

Western Artist Darryl Willison
Western Artist Darryl Willison


Darryl Willison, Jr., America's Drawing Cowboy is taking the country by storm! This young artist's work of the vivid and whimsical west will take you back to the days of yesteryear of wild west heroes, villains, and the country side they roamed! Darryl has recreated in his own unique style a part of American history he feels is an essential part of our culture.

His fiery colors and sometimes humorous approaches to his subject matter remind us of the vintage days of Hollywood when Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Rex Allen and Tom Mix rode the open plains in search of truth, justice and the occasional buffalo! Darryl feels that the silver screen cowboy gave people a "real" hero to look up to, and were a fascination to the world.

The Prickly Pair - By Western Artist Darryl Willison Darryl's work embodies his favorite part of the west. He creates his unique pieces to help introduce it to those not familiar with this era, and to re-kindle the memories for those fortunate enough to have been a part of it. Darryl has to be content with researching music, movies and literature for his creations that are representative of this period, and has discovered a whole new appreciation of the history of the cowboy.

For the rest of us, all we have to do to enjoy the west is to look at Darryl's work and let our imaginations roam free, much like that of the singing cowboy heading over the open plains to an unknown adventure lying just ahead!

"I will be taking a break from outdoor festivals for awhile to concentrate on my art and several exciting new projects. I do plan on making personal appearances at several of the galleries carrying my work and I encourage you to do the same. These hand-picked galleries provide great service at the same prices I offer at the studio.

With your encouragement and support, I'm pushing my craft to new levels of creativity and excellence. "The Adventures of Cowboy Rex!"-an animated televison cartoon based on Cowboy Rex-is heading into pre-production. A trailer and music CD will be available very soon. Stay tuned! America's Drawing Cowboy is expanding into other media as well. Magnet versions of my work are available now as is a Seņor Murphy Peanut Brittle tin."

"Happy trails to you!"

You can also contact Darryl directly through email.

Starry Night at the Opera - By Western Artist Darryl Willison
Joe Goodnite! - By Western Artist Darryl Willison
Get Ready for the Floss of Your Life! - By Western Artist Darryl Willison
Ace - By Western Artist Darryl Willison

You Were Sayen - By Western Artist Darryl Willison
Under Fiesta Stars - By Western Artist Darryl Willison
Belle of the Buck-a-roo Ball - By Western Artist Darryl Willison
Really Wild Bill! - By Western Artist Darryl Willison
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Darryl Willison's Home Studio
P.O. Box 6628
New Mexico, 87197-6628

Viewings by appointment
E-mail: darryl@americasdrawingcowboy.com  Website: www.americasdrawingcowboy.com

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