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By Canadian Western Artist Val Moker
Cuttin' Lingo

Turn-back Horse / Turn-back Help
A horse used to hold cattle from running to opposite end of the arena.  Also plays a role in how well the working horse does his job.

Corner Help:
A horse and rider that sit in opposite corners at the end of the arena in which the herd is being worked.  They assist the cutter in getting his cow cut and they also hold the herd should they start to move off the back fence.

Back Fence:
The area in which the cattle are settled and are held against until each cutter comes in to separate and work his cattle.  (Also a term that is used to describe a penalty that is given if the cow gets past the working horse and is turned back toward the working area by the back fence / wall and working horse / rider.)

Working area:
Is the area in which the herd, the cutter, corner help and turn-back help all perform their function.

Timing Line:
Is an invisible line that crosses from one side of the arena to the other and is usually marked with a ribbon or some form of marker that once crossed by horse and rider starts the clock for the cutters 2.30 minute run.

Cutting Saddle:
Cutting saddle is a specially built saddle usually lighter weight then regular working saddles.  They have a higher horn that is smaller in diameter and is used by the rider to hold on to when working a cow.  The saddles are built to have a closer contact with the horses back.

Loosing a cow:
Is a term used when the cow gets past the working horse and rider and returns to the herd of cattle.  This results in a 5 point penalty.

Cow really tried him!
Is a term that is used to describe the action that is taking place in the working area when a cow is really pushing or trying hard to get past the working horse / rider.

Making The Cut
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